Carbon & stainless steel products


It is wide-ranging application in geologic,metallurgy, thulium, plating, cement,oil,chemical, environmental detection, coloured.
Application areaThis apparatus is widely used in material analysis of various industries, such as iron and steel, non-ferrous metal, metallurgy, machinery, chemical equipment, quality inspection system and so on. It is also used in blast furnace analysis, routine identification and analysis in metallic smelt industry.1 Manage blast furnace process control by various processes of blast furnace celerity analysis.2 Identification of product specifications.3 Material checking and acceptance.4 Quality inspection
 Main characteristics:1 The Self-sustaining radio frequency generator with power controlling makes the output power steady.2 The design of the optimization optical reducing mottle light ,the high reticle ion etch holographic grating guarantee the high resolving power.3 Adoptation of importation step motor and low modulus big-gear transmission framework guarantee scan precision.4 Adoptation of intelligentize data transmission system heighten the analysis speed.5 Adoptation of the Windows operating system of good operating system make the instrument operation convinient.

+ Hardness

+ Impact Test 

+ MM

+ PT

+ Tensile 

+ Thk. Test

+ UT

+ X - Ray


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