Aseil & Nowin sanat Trade International Ltd./ IRAN
Aseil & Nowin sanat Trade International Ltd./ IRAN


A & N Trade is a dynamic company active in supplying and service of high quality special steel shapes. Established 1983 in Iran, Nowin Sanat has more than 25 years of experience and ranks among the worldwide market leaders in its business segment.


Demand for high quality and custom tailored products is continuously rising and adapted to these market requests by heavily investing in R&D for innovative manufacturing technologies.

Custom shapes in stainless steel

In close co-operation with our customers we continuously search for new products and optimized manufacturing processes. During design stage of new profiles we make sure that all manufacturing technologies are taken into consideration to give customers the most cost effective solution and at the same time highest quality standard.


Apart from special shapes we offer a very large program of structural sections in stainless steel. You will find a listing of our stainless steel structurals and detailed explanations about the different manufacturing technologies under the column products.

laser welded T-section
hot rolled beam
laser welded beam
laser welded channel
hot rolled angle
hot rolled channel

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