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Hot Rolling

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Hot rolled sections are produced at Montanstahl by forming wire rod, which can have a max. diameter of 58 mm, by a continuous rolling process at a temperature of about 1100°C.

Hot rolling is by far the most popular and well known technology to produce steel sections. Depending on the type of raw material, the desired shape, mechanical properties and the surface aspect, the process of hot rolling was found to be a particularly suitable and cost effective manufacturing method.

Hot Rolling

Compared to conventional billet-based rolling mills Montanstahl operates a special hot rolling mill which starts from wire rod. This different production approach offers considerable cost savings to the customers thanks to small production lots and low tooling cost.

Furthermore the special set up allows for high degrees of deformation and thus extremely complex shapes can be achieved. Typical steel types processed by Montanstahl are all kind of carbon steels, engineering steels, free cutting steels and stainless steels. The sections are straightened and can be sand blasted, greased or pickled on request. The sections can be supplied either as bars in fix lengths up to 8.500 mm -0/+200 mm or be recoiled. The bundles can be cut to length with a tolerance of +/- 10 mm. Typical minimum quantities are 3-5 tons for stainless steel and 10-15 tons for carbon steel. The process is particularly suitable for producing small to midsize special geometries.

Hot rolled sections are used for general building & construction, machinery, transport industry as well as for waste water systems and shipbuilding.


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