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Laser Fusion

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Laser fused sections are produced at Montanstahl by welding individual material strips to make one complete section. The material strips may be prefabricated solid, hollow or even flat laser-cut strips.

The welds are made with powerful lasers without the use of filler material, producing very small weld seams. Virtually all commercially available mild/carbon and stainless steels can be welded and come with the necessary approvals and certificates. The lasers can cut material up to 30 mm thick. Monolithic welds up to a depth of 20 mm are possible. This technology is used for the production of mild steel, stainless steel and duplex steel sections.

Laser fused sections generally feature small radii measuring max. 0.5 mm and therefore have sharp edges. They can be manufactured as open T-, U-, H-, C-sections or as heavy-duty steel girders as well as closed sections (box sections, hollow sections, squares, rectangles). The processed flat material can have different thicknesses. The sections are manufactured on a large scale on several production lines. These sections are used for applications where small quantities (1 ton) are required as well as in large projects of more than 1,000 tons per batch.

The maximum production length is 15,000 mm with a width of 560 mm and a height of 1080 mm. But small sections (30 x 30 mm) can be produced as well. Production mainly consists of material welded at an angle of 90°. Even round materials can be welded onto flat edges provided they can be joined perfectly tight. For such geometries it may be necessary to flatten off the round material at the contact point.

Laser Fusion

Laser fused sections generally have a much better surface finish than hot-rolled or extruded products as the raw material components are cut from high quality hot rolled plate or made from cold drawn flats.

After welding, the sections are straightened and then sand blasted. This means impurities caused by the welding process are no longer visible on the material. Since box and angle sections generally have external welds, they are machined prior to sand blasting. With this operation welds are no longer visible, i.e. the surfaces are flat and even.

The sections undergo a stringent quality control process, involving continuous checks with special measuring equipment. This measuring equipment is checked in regular intervals by TÜV (external approving authority) to verify its reliability. The sections are therefore supplied with according certificates and approvals. Pressure-bearing sections are also approved and can be certified.

Laser fused sections are used for general building & construction, machinery, transport industry as well as for waste water systems and shipbuilding


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